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Out and About with Lille Baby

Lille Baby Carrier - www.arinsolangeathome.comI have fallen more in love with baby wearing with each of my babies.  I think that’s partially due to finding better products, but even more so due to the fact that I haven’t figured out how to grow extra hands to take care of these children.  I have been using the Lille Baby carrier with Walker for the past month or so and I am sold!

Lille Baby Carrier -

One thing I was struggling with our previous structured carrier was the use of the infant insert.  I found it really hard to get him in on my own and he seemed to struggle with getting comfortable, so the fact that the Lille Baby Carrier works from newborn to toddler with no need for an insert is HUGE for us.  The added back support has been a selling point for my husband, and the fact that in only a few seconds I can change the seat width to go from Avé (who still loves Daddy to wear her) to Walker is amazing.  So far our Lille Baby carrier has helped us survive countless zoo outings, some small family outings and even DISNEY WORLD (check it on my Disney world must haves list). One of the reasons I found it to be such an asset this past month is that you can unzip the outer fabric to a mesh that is more breathable.  We went to Disney World when it was roughly 300 degree’s out so anything that could help that booger to not overheat was a huge win for us.

Lille Baby Carrier -

I also probably sound like a broken record  here in my little blog land, but I am a HUGE sucker for stylish baby gear.  Its 2017 and I don’t see any reason for anything I use with my kiddos to not look as cute as the clothes I buy for myself and them.  Lille Baby Carriers come in SO many amazing prints, it was super hard for me to pick one, but this black and white with the gold hardware won me over.  I get more compliments on it from my girlfriends…and if you’re a mama like me, that goes a long way!

Lille Baby Carrier -

Are you a baby wearing fan?  If so whats your preferred method?  Definitely Check out the Lille Baby Carriers and report back to let me know what you think!!

*product was received in exchange for my review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  Read more about that here.  



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Disney Favorites

Favorites for a day at Disney -

Alright, people.  We did the unthinkable, ( and totally exhausting) and headed to Disney last weekend with a 4-year-old, 2-year-old, and 2 month old.  It was a bit of a last-minute trip, but I thought I would talk about some of my favorites for our Disney World day, including everything from fashion to gear to help us survive.  Some of the ‘favorites’ are things we didn’t bring that I meant to and in hind site wish I had followed my gut and done so.

Favorites for a day at Disney -

First I’m going to talk about my favorites when it comes to gear.  This would honestly be a great list to reference whether you’re hitting Disney World, the local zoo, or anything in between.

Favorites for a day at Disney -

  1. Backpack or Diaper bag backpack:  I love my Ju-ju-be BFF, but really just any backpack diaper bag or backpack in general will probably work.
  2. Universal stroller side organizer:  This was such a lifesaver for us.  I needed extra storage in our stroller and wanted something that was easily accessible.  This hangs right on the side of the stroller snug so it doesn’t hit things but was a super easy place for us to keep maps and items we wanted to be able to grab quickly.
  3. Stroller Alarm: This was the item I wish I brought and didn’t and I REGRET IT.  We brought a nice stroller because we were going to be walking all day so I didn’t feel great leaving it.  Next time we go we will bring this alarm so I don’t worry about leaving the stroller while we all ride rides.
  4. A ring sling or wrap:  I brought my Wildbird Ring Sling and it was amazing to have something tiny that fit in my bag for when Walker got fussy.
  5. A clutch of some sort:  I love this Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick because its roomy.  I kept my ID, tickets, cash, phone, and credit card as well as wipes in this.  I could grab it when we went on rides to keep my valuables safe, and it hung over the handles to the stroller while we were walking, or slipped in the side organizer from #2.
  6. Universal cup holder:  I added another cup holder to the stroller because with 4 people (and a baby) it never hurts!
  7. A rider board:  We have rider boards for two of our strollers, and my favorite is easily our Orbit Stroller and rider board, but that is discontinued.  We also have one for our Britax that is great, but really any rider board is great for keeping tired toddlers close while not having them mad they have to sit in a stroller.
  8. Stroller Organizer:  Having an added space for things close to you and cup holders is NEVER a bad idea.  This one from Skip Hop is amazing.
  9. Our Lille Baby Carrier:  So I know I said we Brought a ring sling, but we also brought our Lille Carrier because it was a great way to be able to carry either Walker or Avé if she got tired. I love that the Lille carrier fits newborn through toddler so it is a single piece of gear that works for all the kiddos.


Favorites for a day at Disney -

Okay so on top of gear that keeps kiddos and parents happen and things moving well through the day, I also had so much fun shopping for the kids for the trip! Here are some of my favorites!  Some we got for this trip and some we will get for next time!

  1.  I did homemade Mouse ear bows for Avé that I already had, but I also love both this bow or this one for cute black and white bows!
  2. Baby Gap had SUPER cute clothes for Walker, and even for the big kids, and so does Zara for bigger kids!
  3. Love these Mini Melissa shoes for a little girl!! They were a must have.
  4. I got Jacks cute shirt at Old Navy for super inexpensive and both kids had Mickey and Minnie PJs from there for the night before!
  5. LOVED this blanket for Walker.  I knew he would be in a stroller all day and I wanted a thin blanket to keep the sun off him.  This one was sooo cute, but Avé did try to claim it as her own.

Favorites for a day at Disney -

Next time we go I am hoping we have more time to prepare and I’m sure I will have even more Disney fashion up my sleeves.

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Check back next week to see some more favorites!! XO


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Baby Sleep Favorites

If you’re new here, we just welcomed baby 3 to our family a couple months ago, and I was quickly reminded YET AGAIN how much I love sleep, and how I will do anything to get a good nights rest. I have been super blessed with overall great sleepers as babies, but I feel like I have gotten more items I have loved along the way.

On top of ‘stuff’ to help my babies sleep well, this time around I am lucky enough the amazing Newborn Sleep Survival Guide from Sleep & The City.  I am telling you that if you are looking for some help on getting your newborn to sleep well without harsh methods like CIO she is your gal, so CHECK IT OUT!

So on to my favorite items:

Newborn Sleep Favorites -

  1. Love to Dream Swaddle Up: We recently transitioned Walker to this swaddle in preparation to unsaddle him.  This thing is AMAZING.  I love that its teaching him to sleep less restricted at this age while still partially swaddling him.
  2. Playskool Favorites Lullaby Gloworm: I know – this is so 90’s…but all of my kids have used this. infant we have gone through 3, and this thing is AMAZING. we LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
  3. Dock-a-tot:  I wasn’t a believer, but I did a full review here, and truly think this little miracle worker is MORE than worth it.
  4. Lulla-vibe: With Jack and Avé I used a pack and play that had a vibrate setting, but this time ours doesn’t, so I bought the lulla-vibe.  This time I bought this to solve that problem, but I use it all over the place. It is amazing.
  5. Solly Baby Swaddles:  I love these swaddles.  We LOVE swaddle blankets, but these are the best ever!!  They are tight, but they give them room to move, so were our go to for the first week or two.
  6. Ollie Swaddle: Okay, so again I did a full review here, but if I could tell you to buy one thing off this list it would be this.  It is NEEDED!!!!
  7. HoMedics Sound Machine: I love that this is electric or battery operated.  It has a few sound options and great volume!
  8. Infant Sleep Gowns: Seriously the only way to go when you’re doing night time diaper changes!! It’s amazing to not have to undress them at all!


I can assure you that between the sleep guide and these products you’ll have a much easier go of it with your newborn! Are there any products you swear by to get your babies to sleep?

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XO Arin


Flying with a baby and toddlers

Toddler Travel Packing Tips -

Ad. Products were exchanged in exchange for my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Read more about that here

I have flown with the kiddos a handful of times now, and by no means do I think I’m a pro, but I have somehow gotten through all flights without any meltdowns, and minimal stress on the parts of myself or the kids ( well there was that one flight where Jack threw up all over my brother in law…but we can pretend that didn’t happen.  Unless your my brother in law…he will NEVER forget ha).

Toddler Travel Packing Tips -

So anyway. I feel like while packing for our flights this week I have taken some of my favorite aspects of past travels as a family, as well as an awesome tip from a fellow blogger, Kate from The House Mix Blog.  She recently did a post about travel with her kids and talked about how she utilizes a binder for each kid and IT WAS GENIUS.  You can check out her full post here with an amazing printable to help you!  I loaded each kids binder with items from the dollar spot at target to keep them busy both on the way there as well as during the trip.

So my must haves always include food, because nothing shuts kids up better than food or technology….and no one appreciates quiet kids quite like a full airplane.  I have learned from the puke fest flight, that healthier options might be best (because peanut butter cups…not so great).  My kids love these NuturMe cocoa cookies, and I love that they are a healthy egg free option for my kids, but especially Jack with his egg allergy. I also LOVE traveling with pouches.  Aside from applesauce my kids don’t really eat them at home anymore, but when we travel I feel like they get a lot of crap food so at least that’s an easy and portable way to get them some nutrients.  NuturMe makes pouches full of everything my kids need, but they just think its applesauce!  Such a mom win.

Toddler Travel Packing Tips -

I have posted about my love for Re-play Recycled before, and they made my toddler travel must haves list I posted a few months ago, but it’s because they really are the best!! The Snack Stacks are honestly the best thing. We have several sets so when we travel I typically have 2-4 ready for each kid with snacks open so that I’m not constantly opening fruit snacks or crackers.  I have also recently fallen in love with their No-Spill Cups.  Avé and Jack obviously use normal cups at home, but if they want drinks away from the table and aren’t drinking water these are the best! They don’t spill at all.  I prefer to travel with them now over any other cup because they can have milk or juice in them, instead of water only.

Toddler Travel Packing Tips -

Aside from food and drink I loaded the binders that Kate recommended with dollar section ‘legos’, colors, coloring books and work books from the dollar section, an iPad and headphones.  It’s so important with kids to have plenty to keep them entertained, but also the essentials.  In my diaper bag I keep an extra outfit for EVERYONE, diapers, wipes, and bottles for the baby, chargers for all technology, and an emergency treat for kids – like a sucker or something!

What do you travel with for kids?  We will likely be flying more and more with the kids now that they are getting older so I would love any tips and tricks you have!


Outfit details: Cardigan c/o Pink Blush :  Tank: Target


Toddler Travel Packing Tips -





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Favorite Affordable Rugs

So if you have watched my Instagram Stories, you have probably seen that we are in the middle of a dining room overhaul.  When we moved in a year ago it was one of the few rooms I felt I could leave alone for the time being.  The paint color was a dark grey, and aside from the HORRID light fixture, it was not totally embarrassing to leave as it was.  That being said, it’s not necessarily my style, and now that most of the rest of the main floor is semi finished, I am ready to dive in. The rest of the dining room talk will wait, but I do want to talk area rugs for this weeks Friday Fav’s post.  I feel like area rugs really make a room feel complete, so have been searching for some of my favorite options. (We are doing a new light fixture, so some of my favorites were posted a few months ago, here)

Affordable Dining Room Rugs -

ONE.     TWO.     THREE.     FOUR.     FIVE.     SIX.    SEVEN.     EIGHT.     NINE.


My criteria when looking for these rugs:

UNDER 300 dollars for a rug that would work under my 8 foot table

Low pile – because it’s a dining room people

Light-ish in color.  My dining room will have a bold ceiling, so the rug can’t be super dark

Accessibility – I love Rugs USA because of the ease of ordering and price points!


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Have a great weekend –  XO ARIN