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Anthropologie Paint Jar Tutorial

DIY paint jar tutorial - www.arinsolangeathome.com

I can’t be the only person who can’t enter Anthropologie without spending all my money and making a wish/to-do list a mile long.  Something about that store is so inspiring.

I recently ventured in with my mother – in – law and we both fell in love with the paint jar floor set that was happening in the St. Louis store.  They were messy, artistic, but somehow beautiful all at once.

I have been trying to decide what I could do with said jars if I painted them, and finally decided I could use them as a spring dining table centerpiece.  I didn’t want to go quite as bright as Anthropologie so went with a bit of an ombré look in tan-ish brown, white and pink.

I’ll give you a brief tutorial on how to do these, but this might honestly be the easiest DIY project I have yet to complete.

Supplies needed for Jars:

– Old Jars of different shapes and sizes (so start saving those pickle jars….or is it just pregnant me going through those weekly??)

– disposable cups for paint mixing

– disposable spoon or skewer

– craft paint

– water

– something to set them on to get messy  (I used disposable tin baking dishes I had on hand, and appreciated the lip, but it wouldn’t  be necessary)

How to create the jars:

Virtually all you have to do with these jars is pour paint into the bottom, swirl it around then hold them or set them upside down while the paint drips down the edges inside,

but there are some tips for making it a much smoother project

– water the paint down just a little.  You don’t want the paint to watery, but if it’s really thick you will use so much more paint than necessary to complete only one jar.

– start with a cup for each main color you want to use.  add some water.  do a jar or two, then add white to that cup.  The more white the lighter the jar will end up and will easily give you the desired ombré look (if that’s what you are looking for).

– Set some upside down and leave them, but with others just hold them upside down for a few minutes.  This will leave some of them nearly fully covered with paint, while overs still leave a lot of clear jar.

I would love to see any “after” shots if you give this a try, or answer any questions you may have!!



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